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Hainan Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee inspection team came to o
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In October 25, 2016, the provincial people's Congress to teach science director Huang Guotai Working Committee, the provincial people's Congress Standing Committee member Zhang Ping full-time inspection team of 7 people to come to our transformation to guide the work of scientific and technological achievements, Haikou municipal government deputy director Lei Ju, deputy mayor of the Municipal Science and Technology Information Bureau Liang Jinsong, Haikou national hi tech Zone Director Lin Yiming and other accompanying, zaino company president Xing Qingtao company leaders accompanied.

First of all, President Xing Qingtao told the inspection team introduced the situation of science and technology innovation, science and technology overall sainuo platform construction, project introduction and the current achievements of science and technology progress, and focuses on health (Chlorella, mobile medical, aerospace science and Technology (Beidou) application, sensor applications) industry research and development, transformation and application of the project. The work of scientific and technological innovation of our leaders to give a lot of recognition, they think, as local enterprises in Hainan, in addition to have "zaino function of national film technology and local joint engineering research center", also set up a national post doctoral research station "," provincial private new R & D institutions, open up new channels for technological innovation talent and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, private enterprises have the innovation spirit, worthy of praise.

After the meeting, the inspection team to the Haikou high tech Zone countries participate in the forum, the provincial people's Congress inspection group deputy head director Huang Guotai introduced the inspection work, the municipal government deputy mayor Ju Lei report of Haikou city on the implementation of the promotion of scientific and technological achievements transformation of the situation to the inspection team. Our president Xing Qingtao as one of the science and technology enterprise delegates, on our future will focus on health, space science and technology and new materials as the research focus, and gradually for the development of Hainan small and fine, the added value of the development planning of other key industries development of high.

In recent years, Hainan sainuo Industrial Co., vigorously implement the innovation driven development strategy and intellectual property work foundation, the Hainan people's Congress Standing Committee inspection team to carry out the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of our research is the attention and affirmation of our work in science and technology innovation.