Mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the tide. Hainan sainuo Industry Co Ltd has been accompanied by China the tide of reform and opening up, continuous innovation and growth, through the twenty years of development history.

We adhering to the "integrity, cooperation, beyond the" business philosophy, we create a so that the people of Hainan pride and envy of the enterprises "dream, to create a shared and common prosperity, perseverance, passion. We gave birth to the vitality of enterprises to team building, with the core competitiveness of science and technology innovation in forging, quality and service to protect corporate reputation, in China functional film materials industry and tourism in Hainan real estate development and construction has made new achievements, to achieve the enterprise listed on NASDAQ breakthrough, in the future we will continue to drive the development of innovation, to optimize the industrial upgrading, to build industrial clusters, to become Hainan local benchmarking enterprises.

"Sunrise river flower red Sihuo, spring green river, such as blue". With the construction of international tourism island, as well as in the country "The Belt and Road" development strategy in the Silk Road as fulcrum, Hainan once again facing a historic opportunity for development, we will take the science and technology industry, tourism real estate, catering, delicacy modern agriculture as the core development carrier, supplemented by commercial paper, two large financial investment tool, to achieve the "modern" brand, deep root Island, heart into people's wishes.

In the future second to twenty-five years, I hope sainuo industry riding past footprint, continue to sail together, all the modern human employees create a platform for enterprise innovation, instead, create value for society, the modern group build a Hainan model enterprise, in the great journey of international tourism island and the new silk road construction drawing on thick and heavy in colours a pen!